Large Format Printing

We utilize the latest technologies in printing to ensure we have the best solution available for our clients. For instance, we use 3-types of large format printers.

flatbed printer

Flatbed w/ UV curable ink!
This printer is FAST and can print on flat rigid boards and flexible media rolls! UV curable inks or UVC can cure onto almost any surface we can get under the printer. The UVC ink is also waterproof so it will last a long time outdoors without a laminate.

latex printer

HP Latex Printer
Latex inks are like aqueous-based pigmented inks, however, the difference is they also contain small particles of latex, which is a form of plastic. Once applied to paper, heat is used to evaporate away the water, leaving just the pigment and latex particles on the paper surface. At the same time, the heat activates, or ‘melts’, the latex particles and this encapsulates and binds the pigments to the surface.
Like solvent inks, latex ink is waterproof, waterfast and can be applied to a range of media such as uncoated vinyl and PVC. However, the benefit of latex ink over against solvent is that it doesn’t produce any harmful gases or odours that are harmful to the environment. Therefore, latex is often viewed as an ‘environmentally friendly’ version of solvent inks.

solvent printer

Solvent Printer
Solvent inks are more durable and than water-based inks, are waterfast, and can be applied to other materials such as uncoated vinyl and PVC, as well as paper, canvas and other synthetic films.