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Featured Client: Good Spirit Kombucha

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We’re a small operation and pride ourselves in being a part of the local food community. We focus on brewing small batches of flavourful and fizzy kombucha using traditional methods. We process our brews by hand and bottle manually so that we have full control over every sip, and take delight in making a great tasting kombucha. Our nanobrewery operates in an inspected and approved commercial facility where we adhere to strict standards when brewing our 'booch for you. Good Spirit Kombucha kcd


Our passion for brewing ‘booch was built on a love for health and whole foods. Our refreshing kombucha is fruity, fizzy, and lightly tangy making it a delicious and natural alternative to sugary sodas! We believe in balance, so we wanted to brew a kombucha that keeps the tangy to sweet ratio juuust right.


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